About Anja

I am a London-based native Dutch speaker who writes in English. I draw inspiration from cases that my father, a retired police detective, worked on in the Netherlands. After having worked in The City for 20 years, I am now a full-time writer.

10 thoughts on “About Anja

  1. Hi
    I am the opposite of you in one way in that I am English guy who lives in NL in t’Gooi! Have just finished the first Lotte book and wanted to say how much i enjoyed your writing, the story and your evocation of a city and country I have come to know well. Just about to buy the second one and may there be many more!
    regards and thanks

    • Hi Anja, in this strange world of lockdown your books have transported me to Amsterdam. I can smell the coffee shops and something stronger lingering in the air. Having just finished my last Donna Leon book I thought I’d never find an author with the same ability to draw character and place plus keep you guessing right until the end. Keep writing and keep safe! Pauline

  2. Anja..
    Of all the people I used to work with in London, I think Im most impressed with what you have achieved, in being a published and successful author .

    Seriously well done…. if I ever find a copy of your books in Botswana I will be sure to by them

    Roger Turski

  3. Hi Anja,
    Vandaag via mijn vader, die jouw vader ontmoette op de Alkmaarse politie reünie, gehoord over je werk ! Wat leuk dan ook om je site te bezoeken en wat van je werk te lezen!
    Ook ik ken veel verhalen die mijn vader deelde in mijn jeugd maar heb zeker niet het talent om er een boek mee te schrijven! Ik ga zeker je boeken lezen, ben dol op dit genre!
    Hartelijke groet,
    Annemieke Molenaar

  4. Love your books. Reading Death in Rembrandt Square now. Looking forward to your 5th book Death at the Hotel Mondrian. P.S. You should update your “About Anja” on the website.

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