9781472120595I am a London-based native Dutch speaker who writes in English. I draw inspiration from cases that my father, a retired police detective, worked on in the Netherlands.

A Cold Death in Amsterdam is a smart and engaging police procedural about a Dutch detective struggling to come to terms with her past.


The Sunday Times, review by Joan Smith: ‘[Meerman’s] painstaking police work is undermined by emotional turmoil in a novel brilliantly evoking the isolation of a woman with an unbearable weight on her conscience’.

Sunday Express, review by Jake Kerridge: ‘The book succeeds as a portrait of both a city and, in its heroine, a delightfully dysfunctional personality.’

The Times,  review by Marcel Berlins: ‘An impressive debut… De Jager is as good on dodgy family relations as she is on police procedure.’

Irish Examiner, review, : ‘Anja de Jager’s debut novel is a tightly written, cleverly plotted whodunit that keeps the reader guessing almost to the last page.’

The Independent, review by Barry Forshaw: ‘de Jager manages to circumvent the overfamiliar. The evocation of a bitterly cold Amsterdam is worthy of Nicholas Freeling’s Van der Valk books.’

Irish Independent, review: ‘A promising debut novel with a very different background.’

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  1. I am so pleased to have discovered @ A Cold Day in Amsterdam’ and ‘met’ Lotte who is to me a real character because she reminds me of a real Lotte who I met in Holland in 1944 when I was serving on a Dutch tug. She was like your Lottte a stubborn and determined lady. I found the story a challenging.but fascinating read and at times extremely moving. I eagerly await more about this sensitive detective. (Maybe the story of Wendy ?)

  2. I am currently reading the latest book. I have read all of the Lottie Meerman series and thoroughly enjoyed them. The new one is no exception. Keep them coming Anja!

  3. Anya I’m listening to A Cold Death in Amsterdam on BorrowBox. Really enjoying it as Lotte is so credible, reminding me of my daughter who is now a detective. With a retired police inspector father. BorrowBox is often thin on titles but I’m lucky to have found this one first. Thank you!

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